Transformative Investments

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To focus our investment on addressing the barriers identified in Moving Dutchess Forward, we recommend a series of transformative packages and specific transformative projects. For Transformative Packages, which are meant to be holistic and ongoing, we provide a description and list the barriers addressed and an annual cost estimate. For Transformative Projects, we provide a description of the project and details such as the barriers addressed, cost estimate (in current dollars), funding sources, and timeframe for implementation. You can explore these recommendations below and view them on our Transformative Investments map.

Transformative Packages

We envision these transformative packages as ongoing projects on our capital or planning program (as appropriate) to address the trends, barriers, and needs identified in Moving Dutchess Forward. They make up most of our expected investment. Funding allocated under these packages will be prioritized based on how well a specific project addresses the identified barriers, including safe access, reliable access, basic needs, and equity. The packages will be implemented in cooperation with responsible agencies.

Transformative Projects

We selected these transformative projects based on their ability to address identified needs and barriers. All but two have been planned or are actively being planned. Those that are most ready for implementation are shown as short term, while those that require additional design work are shown as medium term. The most complex projects are shown as long term.