What are the barriers?

Bruzgul Road, Union Vale, New York

Moving Dutchess Forward is unlike our previous transportation plans – not only in how we present its content, but also in the scope of that content. We seek to humanize our discussion of goals and priorities, so instead of focusing on infrastructure for the sake of infrastructure, we focus on people – specifically, how our transportation system enables or prevents people from accessing the basics of life, like housing, work, and education. We then look at the policies and infrastructure needed to improve access, considering safety, reliability, and basic needs. We also take a close look at equity to understand how access is different for some population groups and to identify locations where we need to carefully consider the effects of our transportation decisions and investments (or the lack thereof).

Review each topic to learn more about the barriers we’ve identified to providing safe and reliable access in Dutchess County, to providing access for basic needs such as housing, jobs, education, goods and services, and recreation, and to providing more equitable access for all.